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Findings, Expressions and Restrictions - Defining the Reality of Humanity

United States (US) Special Counsel Robert Mueller, charged with looking into the 2016 Presidential Elections, went public this week after more than a year of silence and he explicitly affirmed that his findings did not exonerate President Donald Trump. He found there was interference into the elections.

Mueller also clarified that due to constitutional limitations on criminally indicting a sitting president of the US, his task, therefore, was not to seek any indictment against the Chief Executive.

The Special Counsel's report was delivered weeks ago to Attorney General William Barr. Redacted copies have been made public, yet considerable questions remain as to the full findings of Mueller's investigation. 

Mueller's public address on his inquiry was significant in light of seeming assertions by both Barr and the Trump White House that the report had exonerated the president.

Mueller in a final act before quitting the Department of Justice (DoJ) affirmed that the report did not clear President Trump. Instead, the experienced lawyer appeared to defer to the US Congress as the responsible entity for any impeachment proceedings of the 45th president. 

As Mueller delivered public clarity per his report, across the Atlantic, Europe was demonstrating its evolving expressions via elections to the European Parliament. 

Sunday's elections across the European Union (EU) were a mix bag of integration, skepticism and agitation. Even though most EU members voted to concur ongoing European integration, skepticism and agitation - though not overwhelming, were duly noted in marked far right gains in Hungary, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. Yet, victories and gains by Green and Liberal candidates across the European landscape were more than sufficient to cancel out any major right wing slant to the new face of the European Parliament. 

And as Europe expressed itself politically, Progressives in the United States were feeling the restrictive results of new restrictive abortion rights laws from Louisiana, to Alabama, to Missouri, to Georgia and elsewhere; thus setting up major judicial and political battles leading into the 2020 Presidential Elections. As before the major US Supreme Court case, Roe v Wade set somewhat of a benchmark on abortion laws, once again, the control over a woman's body is being sought to be dictated by aging white men.

These are but a few of the findings, expressions and restrictions of the reality facing humanity as the month of May passes into the hotter month of June, and the forthcoming Summer of 2019.

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