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Fight or Flight - the Taken Option of Refugees

Nature has endowed animal species with two characteristics to cope with attack - fight or flight. 

Most deer, lacking fangs and sharp incisors, respond to an attack via flight. Most canines and felines, with strong jaws and teeth and sharp claws, will fight once attacked - they are armed.

In the highest specie of animals - humans, having the ability to use tools(weapons) and possessing strong cognitive traits; respond to attacks based upon moral choices, the availability of weapons and upon the ease and opportunity to organize with each other to defend against a foe or foes.

Hence, the large throng of non women, non children and non elderly refugees seeking comfort in Europe away from conflicts and wars, have explicitly exercised the flight option to dangers in their homes.

However, the question arises as to whether of not the able bodied men seeking solace in Europe could have been organized and armed in defense of the safety of their homes, thus averting the present immigration crisis on the continent?

If the international organizations and the stalwarts of freedom and of the rights and of the protection of humankind had had the foresight to try to organize and to arm each and every able-bodied man refugee in defense of his homeland, what would have been the response? 

More than likely, given the displacement experience of any able-bodied man, that man would fight to the death in defense of his home if he is armed and if he is allowed to organize with his peers for the common protection of the homeland.

Therefore, in the future, as able-bodied displaced men are  hosted in camps, such places could serve as an opportune recruitment center to organize and to arm potential refugees to return to defend their homes from attack. 

Possibly, just possibly, such organization and arming of the displaced could reduce the number of refugees seeking to flee fighting, thus reducing any economic and social strains to potential asylum nations.

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