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Fight or Flight - Peaceful Refugees and Immigrants Opt for Flight

Only extraordinary circumstances would force individuals to scale razor-sharp walls, to traverse harsh terrain, to brave inclement weather, to hideaway in suitcases, to risk death, to fall victim to abuse as well as to fall prey to human trafficking, in order to seek solace in an alien land. 

Such are the conditions of many immigrants and refugees seeking ports of welcome away from their local experiences and sufferings where many have no means to redress in order to ameliorate their conditions. Many opt to flea rather than to fight against the forces of their chronic conditions.

But is flight the best option before each and every immigrant and refugee? That option to run away in order to have the opportunity to fight another day, appears at face value to be the choice of wisdom. Yet, while fleeing, the immigrant and refugee at times encounter conditions more grave that their local conditions. 

Also, the presumptuous fortunate refugee or immigrant who find their way onto a shore of presumed comfort, usually encounter hostility, discrimination and violence from host nations. Then, the refugee or immigrant is forced again to re-evaluate whether flight was the best option.

To fight persecution, conflict, war, famine, poverty and tyrant regimes are tall orders for any refugee or immigrant. Exercising the option to fight  halos an honor and a proud sense of respect over the head of the refugee or the immigrant. To fight for your land, for your basic rights, for your religion, for your dignity and for your survival takes a lot of grit, sacrifice and organization - conditions that elude many refugees and immigrants. 

Most refugees and immigrants who opt for flight are peace-loving passive people preferring an orderly process to relief over violent and radical solutions. Interestingly, radicalized and extremist individuals remain in their conditions pledging to fight the opposing system. 

Therefore, it is not very likely that radicalized and extremist refugees or immigrants are among those exercising the flight option. So, it is possible and plausible that ports of comfort could become a bit more welcoming and less suspecting of entering refugees and of immigrants.

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