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Fight New York City, Fight States - You Can Pushback COVID-19

My eldest of four Sons - my Harvard Grad, who turned down my offer to render him to a safer location three-weeks ago, is holed up in his home in New York City, New York, along with hundreds of thousands  of other New Yorkers, in efforts to pushback against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Across the United States (US), some 200 million people in 25 States, including myself here in Washington, DC,  have been told to stay at home as local jurisdictions, in lieu of any strong Federal leadership, have instituted their own plans to contain the pandemic that is sweeping across the land.

As infections increase in New York, New Jersey, California, Michigan, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois and elsewhere, US COVID-19 victims now stand at over 111,000 with 1,858 deaths.

Most US COVID-19 cases are being recorded in New York State, in NYC in particular, and though NYC might struggle with limited PPE's needed to protect medical staff and some medical equipment needed to save the lives of many people, I know New Yorkers, and New Yorkers will fight this pesky pathogen as a unified group with what little goods they might have. 

New Yorkers will eventually win the battle against COVID-19, yet more people will die because of a chronic shortage of medical equipment brought to wrought by missteps by the Trump administration to fully prepare for the Novel Coronavirus.

The States of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington, Michigan, California, Illinois, Ohio and Louisiana will also win out over COVID-19. It is the resolve of the people of the individual States. Collectively, they will pushback against COVID-19.

But let me be very explicit here: the people of NYC do not need any federal and army quarantine to defeat COVID-19. The people need the Trump administration to deliver on the medical equipment needed to save lives, nothing else. 

New Yorkers survived and weathered 911. Today, most New Yorkers are following the stay at home rule and they are staying put as a community in order to save their respective communities. Any Federal mandated quarantine for the Tri-State done without the full consent of the Governor of NYC, etal,  would be illegal. The Trump administration has missed the ball on preparations for COVID-19, therefore, any face-saving tactics to mandate actions by New Yorkers, must stand down.

My eldest of four-Sons, his peers and most of NYC will be ok. They will follow the health and community rules to ensuring the continuity of the most dynamic city in the world - New York City. So fight NYC, fight New York, fight Connecticut, fight New Jersey, fight Massachusetts, fight Ohio, fight Illinois, fight Michigan, fight Washington, fight California, fight Louisiana, fight America - we are all in this battle together. It is the action of the people, not the army, which will save lives.

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