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Federal Government Shuts Down in Washington, DC - One Year of Trump

The chaos that has epitomized the new Donald Trump administration in Washington, DC, has resulted in shuttering the Federal Government on the first anniversary of Trump's presidency. 

The United States (US) Senate failed to reach an agreement on funding the government at midnight last night, thus the closure of non essential arms of the Federal Government. 

But the impasse resulting in the failure to fund the government was not just borne overnight, it is a culmination of a year of an unyielding president, whose actions and rantings continue to split the nation creating a divisive atmosphere from halls of government to small town USA.

While some Republicans have attempted to place the blame for the closure of the government upon Democrats, the reality remains that all blame and responsibility for the closure must rest with the president. Donald Trump owns this latest shut down of the Federal Government. Short three or four-week extensions of funding for the Federal Government are antiquated. There must be a long-term address to funding the government and not short gap fixes.

Democratic insistence that immediate action be paid to the Deferred Action for Childhood  Arrivals (DACA) program is a necessary humanitarian policy that stands at the heart of the American Republic and therefore it requires immediate action as part of the functioning of the US government.

Now, the US Congress, both Republicans and Democrats must wrestle to fix a broken system outside of any distractions from the White House. The American people deserve a long-term fix to government funding like hundreds of thousands of deserve access to the American Dream.

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