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Fears of Undocumented Immigrants - a Closing Door to Redress

The hope and the opportunity for liberty, for democracy and for the rule of law that the United States(US) has always stood for through the eyes of multiple-generations of immigrants and refugees - those persecuted or deeply troubled in their native lands, are quickly fading. 

Under the new Donald Trump administration, centuries of US representation as the greatest icon of the beacon of solace and of hope to millions of immigrants, has quickly changed in less than six-weeks. 

Today, law abiding undocumented immigrants face their greatest fears of being deported despite years of paying taxes, raising children and playing by the rules, but only lacking the necessary documentation to legal status. Moreover, their fears become amplified with no mechanism to redress to attempt to ameliorate their conditions.

This is shameful era of rightist anti-migrant factions in the US urged on by the exercises of the new administration to hunt down as many undocumented immigrants as possible, even those with only traffic violations. 

Thus, the doors of the US as a haven to the persecuted and to opportunity seekers, have now closed. Solace, comfort, liberty and the rule of law will now have to be found elsewhere. It is a sad and unfortunate reality of the Republic and until such a time that a change should come to the White House, the US shall remain a different and harsh land, non respected by growing millions and amok of the tenets from the times of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Reagan and Obama. May God have mercy upon us.

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