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Fears of Russian Bombings in Syria are Realized - 63 Dead in a Raid

Humanitarian fears that Russian entry into the complicated Syrian war could end in civilian tragedy have been realized with the bombing death of 63 people - including nine children, in an eastern Syrian town earlier today, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported.

According to the London, England based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the raid took place on the town of Khasham, near the city of Deir al-Zor, where Russian bombers have been campaigning. Russian involvement in the conflict has complicated dialogue toward a peace since some Oppositions groups, some of whose fighters Russian jets have been bombing, have objected to Russian naming of parties to a peace.

This recent bombing with civilian and children deaths underscores the fears of humanitarian that conditions could worsen for displaced persons within Syria under a Russian bombing campaign. Russia remains the strongest ally of despot Bashar al Assad, whose regime has subjected Syrians to five years of civil war, killing more than 250, 000, gassing hundreds of children to death and sending unprecedented numbers of refugees to the shores of Europe.

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