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Fatigue Sets in - Vacation Nears

The past year -  from the British vote to leave the European Union(EU), to the stunning presidential election in the United States(US), to violent events on the continents, to the effects of nature upon the natural environment -  has been unprecedented. It has been tiring, scary, unpredictable and disappointing. Violent conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Ukraine, Central Africa Republic, Yemen, Venezuela and elsewhere remain. An arms race widens.

Yet, hope remains with the ascension of Emmanuel Macron in France, a general beat-back of right wing agitations cross Europe and with the reaffirmation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change by those learned world leaders.

To this end, I've grown tired of sleepless nights and days of analyzing and providing any logic to the world's dynamic events. Thus, tomorrow I will publish my last Blog until mid-August. With my wife and sons, I will take a vacation. If, as God forbids, there should be some major event, I might write-in, otherwise, I will be silent for four-weeks. 

I wish all of you good health, fun and prosperity. Tomorrow, in conclusion,  I'll simply chime in on what I would like to see occur from France to Syria to America.

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