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Fallible Ideologies, Authoritarianism, Injustice and Inequality - Causes of Insurrections

Historical wrongs must be made right, fallible ideologies rejected, authoritarianism rebuffed, injustice ended and inequality squared in order to avert further events of insurrections, violence and extremism. 

The sum of experiences that have favored some people at the expense of many others across generations and spanning numerous decades and centuries, has reached a point of reckoning - a time that demands atonement and reparations. 

Without the necessary amends, fallible ideologies would continue to be employed to lure masses of people to extremism and unprecedented violence. Without righting historical wrongs, injustice and inequality; anger driven by stark violence could devour vibrant communities. 

Authoritarianism advanced by communists and by those seeking dominance over weak vulnerable societies, could incubate measurable dissent that once spawned could rip the fabric of civilization from within the affected nations.

Yet, most conceivable mal-events are preventable once all the people are allowed liberty, equality and the rule of law and the righting of historical wrongs.

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