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Failure to Fulfill Democratic Manifestations - an Opening to Radicalism and a Repeat of Tyranny

Given the recent expressions to attain democracy by many of the world's youth from Ukraine, to Syria, to Hong Kong, to Algeria, to Sudan and elsewhere, the stalwarts of democracy should be made aware that all failures to support such aspirations could result in the rise and spread of radicalism and a repeat of tyranny.

Moreover, the risk of increase radicalism remains prevalent in all of the lands where the full development of the people is suppressed by conditions that inhibit full human dignity. Such places include: Myanmar, Gaza, Palestine, Egypt, Venezuela, Libya and other jurisdictions.

If this week's commemorations for heroic actions on D-Day are not taken as lessons of events that have plagued humanity in the absence of democracy, then history could suffer yet another episode via verses of the suppression of aspirations and the erosion of human rights amid rising  authoritarianism, populism, division, dictatorship and right wing agitations.

Therefore, that the lives spent defending freedom may not have been sacrificed in vain, today's stalwarts of democracy need to support the fulfillment of all the aspirations of the people to finding liberty and rejecting tyranny.

With regards to this week's atrocities by security forces against Sudanese democracy seekers, today's announcement by the African Union to immediately suspend Sudan from the pan-African organization is a good start in the trial to salvaging democracy in the north African country. And the organization's threat of greater action if power is not transferred to a civilian authority is another much needed action toward preserving the persons standing for democracy in and around Khartoum.

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