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Failed Oath, Failed Presidency - the Term of Donald Trump

To avoid vehemently posting Blogs of anger, rage, disgust and dread, I had elected to remain silent more often than usual in this recent year. But being silent any longer under current conditions would amount to a dis-service to my fellow country folk and to humanity. Therefore, I speak, I opine and I rage at the state of affairs in America.

My homeland, our Republic - the United States (US), under the presidency of Donald Trump, has witnessed a deepening and widening chasm of national division and a concerning decline of international influence, all in the past three-plus-years. Trump's presidency, I've surmised, has failed and so has his integrity to uphold the oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. 

Although the past three-years have been plentifully dotted with examples of Trump running amok of a revered and trusted system of government, which he inherited from rational men, perhaps one of the most troubling of his failures was revealed earlier this week via early released pages from a forthcoming book on his presidency by journalist, Bob Woodward. 

As CNN and other media outlets have reported, Trump has blatantly admitted an early knowledge of the deadly character of the Novel Coronavirus, which he hid from the American people, yet he explicitly opted to "play it down" now claiming that he didn't want to panic the people - the said people, he has agitated with claims of Mexican caravans coming to America, and with outlandish suppositions that the poor would overwhelm suburban neighborhoods. Trump's failure to level with the American people as he willingly and publicly played down the danger of COVID-19 is a gross failing of the oath and responsibility of the American presidency.

Trump's playing down and failure to publicize the grave danger of COVID-19 to Americans since February 2020 has contributed to many Americans trivializing the deadly and still persisting pandemic. The result: American infections, at time of writing, according to data by Johns Hopkins University, now stand at 6,365,595 cases - the largest of any country on Earth, and deaths have sadly soared to over 191,000 Americans.  Globally, COVID-19 infections are 27,925,613 with 905,089 deaths. 

Donald Trump must accept responsibility for a large number of the American deaths due to the Novel Coronavirus. He has failed to protect and to promote the public health of Americans among other things, and his continuing defiance of the benefits of the science to wearing a facial mask to help combat the pandemic, underscores his confirmed failure as president. 

The people of the Republic must judge Trump on his failure of the oath of Office of President of the United States, November 3, 2020, Election Day.

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