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Failed Justice and Humanity in Egypt - Death Sentences and Jail Terms for Protesting

The government of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, in Egypt, should be condemned and branded as a despicable purveyor of human rights abuses and of crimes against humanity for the mass trials, death sentences and jail terms metered out to protesters, following Sisi's military ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, back in 2013.

Instead of immediate world condemnation of the Sisi court's continued mass trials, death sentences and life-sentences to democratic protesters spanning from the Rabaa protests, in Cairo, in 2013, when more than 800 protesters were killed by Egyptian security forces and thousands arrested, some news and rights organizations have opted to turn world focus upon alleged mass detentions of Uighurs, in Xinjiang, People's Republic of China. 

Interestingly enough, there are no reports of death sentences or life sentences given to Uighurs in China, but accusations of detentions and re-education processes. Yet, the world has been distracted toward China, while last Friday, in Egypt, in yet another mass trial of democratic demonstrators, the Egyptian Sisi courts sentenced 75 people to death, another 46 people to life-imprisonment and another 612 to prison sentences ranging from five to 15-years, for taking part in demonstrations in August, 2013. 

Furthermore, Egypt's failed justice has not held any Egyptian security officer accountable for the killing of some 850 protesters, at Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya Square, on August 14, 2013. 

It was back on that fateful day in 2013, following the ouster of the Morsi government by Sisi's military, that some 85,000 protesters in support of Morsi had gathered for 45-days at the Cairo square. Then, they were attacked by bulldozers and security forces - 850 demonstrators died, thousands were injured and thousands more were arrested and jailed. Now the Sisi government is sentencing them to death, life sentences and other jail terms without any loud international condemnation.

But in the name of humanity and for the sake of the innocents, I do vehemently condemn Sisi and his government for the unjust sentences and detentions and I do declare that justice has failed miserably in Egypt and I urge the world to take heed of what has and continues to transpire in Egypt.

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