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Extremism, Sectarianism, Sovereignty and Austerity Issues: Warming to a Summer of Unknown Consequenc

An evolving sectarian crisis in Yemen, the ongoing terror in the Levant perpetrated by the Syrian regime and by the Islamic State(IS), the crude violence in Libya - combined with sovereignty issues on the South China Sea, and in Ukraine, along with austerity issues in Greece compounded by austerity protests in Ireland and possible political change in Spain; are all warming to a summer of unknown consequences.

The developing Shiite-Sunni sectarian violence in Yemen has the character to develop into a full civil war there -  home to an active wing of al Qaeda terrorists, and the scene of two gruesome suicide attacks last Friday that killed 137 people at prayers at two mosques, and for which the IS taken blame.

Bashar al Assad and his regime are continuing their terror upon the Syrian people as no end to that conflict appears in sight in light of the 220,000 killed so far and the 11 million people displaced. Moreover, recent reports from the United Nations(UN) outline upward of another 600,000 people directly in the conflict zone.

The IS continues its barbaric practices of beheading captives along with resorting to the use of chlorine gas as it becomes displaced from Iraq.

In Europe, Greece's attempt to arrange its debt to ease austerity polices, is creating some concerns over that country's continuance in the European Union(EU). And in Ireland  yesterday's protest by tens of thousands over austerity measures, places pressure on the Irish government as summer approaches.

In Dublin yesterday, 80,000 Irish protested new water charges brought on by their government's austerity polices. Many marched holding the Greek flag in solidarity with the sentiments in Athens. 

And in Spain, today's vote in Andalusia could signal a change to Spain's future with respect to its sovereignty amid austerity concerns.

Ukraine's full westernization still hangs in the balance as peace monitors in the east continue to report of violations to the fragile ceasefire.

The Philippines and other small nations face a sovereignty issue as confirmation has been given to China's assertions to reclaim rocks and islets across the South China Sea.

As Spring warms to Summer, so will the temperatures and paces of many unsolved and emerging issues and crises.

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