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Expect Little Toward Global Stability out of the G20 Summit

If a courtesy meeting and a handshake exchange between China President Xi Jinping and the United States (US) President Donald Trump, could be construed as a mechanism to calming jitters of instability in the trade war between the two largest economies, then those erroneously measuring this gesture as being successful to promoting global stability would be able to claim victory.

On the other hand, handshake or no handshake - trade deal or no trade deal, I opine that the G20 Summit, now underway in Osaka, Japan, will provide very little substance toward solving global instability. As a matter of fact, I hold that the contributing factors to global instability have now moved way beyond any trade deal between China and the US. 

Environmental issues should be paramount. Moreover, a deepening rift toward conflict by war-hawks within the Trump administration and Iran should figure highly.

But it is unlikely these matters will receive full focus in talks between the world's 20-largest economies. Instead, economic schemes to sustaining the wealth of the very few could take center stage, if, but only, for now.

Sooner or later, however, global leaders will have to deal with the real issues facing humanity, including Climate Change and preludes to crippling conflicts - the events, which threaten the continuity of the human species here on Planet Earth.

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