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Europe's Refugee Crisis - Signs of a Possible Bigger Humanitarian Issue to Come

Europe is currently scrambling to host thousands of asylum seekers -  many, victims of Bashar al Assad's Syrian war. 

As Germany makes the welcomed gesture to accept some 800,000 of the displaced this year alone and 500,000-a-year subsequently, and Britain and France and the people of Iceland, make overtures to accept even more refugees than they had originally planned, the crisis now before Europe could become dwarfed by a forthcoming greater influx of migrants to the continent.

The continued execution of the Syrian war by Bashar al Assad threatens to send more asylum seekers to Europe. Should Russian increase military assistance to the Assad regime, more refugees will be mowing over the borders of Europe. If the scale of Turkey's re-ignited battle with Kurdish nationalists increases, more refugees will be seeking to cross into the states of the European Union(EU) out of the well-kept Turkish camps.

Moreover, if the opinion of Austria's foreign minister Sebastian Kurz that the west should engage Bashar al Assad in the fight against the Islamic States(IS), despite his crimes against humanity, is ever taken as a popular thought in Europe, more refugees will appear at Europe's doors.

Therefore, any efforts to abate and to discourage Europe's migration crisis cannot involve the inclusion of Bashar al Assad at any point. The only discussion with Assad must to be limited to the date and the place of his trial for crimes against humanity. 

Also, all attempts to lend military assistance to Assad must be averted in order to stem further migration to Europe. And western association with Turkey should encourage a 'stand-down' approach against Kurdish nationals in order to prevent a greater run on Europe's borders by the displaced from Assad's war.

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