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Europe's New Balance: Decisions to Rejuvenation

There is a new balance on the scales of Europe, and how best the continent decides the tipping point of present weights pressing against it, will augur in deciding the security and the economic health of the continent. Decisions with regards to unity within the European Union(EU) is the single most important question Europe needs to answer. 

In light of the recent election of the anti-austerity left in Greece, Europe will need an early definitive answer from Athens in respect to its commitments to the EU. Will Greece stay in the union and use the Euro? Will Greece honor its agreed upon financial obligations that came with a bailout? 

More than likely, Greece will stay in the union and debate its austerity agreements with a view to a more favorable Greek appeasing solution. Financial ripples will be caused as Greece's leftist seek an election-platform austerity reschedule. Any changing of the rules for Greece's sake could force others in the EU including Ireland and Portugal to demand reschedules also.

Britain's decision to re-affirm to the EU could provide needed security and economic stability to the union. However, plans by France to sideline broad EU sanctions on Russia to trade pig and other products with the Kremlin could amount to a weakening of European solidarity in punishing Russia for its actions in Ukraine. And if France could circumvent sanctions, then why not Poland, Hungary and others?

The decisions Europe makes over the next couple of weeks could prove crucial to the survival of the EU and to whether or not Vladimir Putin's assertions are true that Russia cannot be isolated despite its actions. In other words, if Putin is true, then Europe will become fragmented. If he is wrong, then there will be a strong union in Europe spearheading a needed rejuvenation.

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