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Europe's Migrant Crisis - an Ongoing Humanitarian Test

Europe's humanitarian authenticity is being tested by the current migrant crisis at the continent's borders. 

To this end, as Central Europe and the Balkans hold an emergency summit today,  to discuss the crisis involving tens of thousands of Syrian refugees and other migrants, much attention will be paid to the final resolution adopted against a background of border closings, threats and rumors of more border closings as the numbing cold of winter approaches migrants forced under the elements.

Hungary's decision last week to close its borders with Serbia and Croatia has not slowed the flow of migrants into Europe. Instead, migrants have been diverted through Slovenia, which saw a record 58,000 new arrival of migrants in the week. Slovenia has accused Croatia of deliberately dumping thousands of migrants on the border, the BBC-News has reported. Croatia has countered that it has had no choice since Slovenia was allowing far fewer migrants than it should. There are fears that Germany and Austria will close their borders, thus Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia have threatened to follow suit.

So today, when the leaders of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia meet, they will face the challenge "to slow the flow of migration and to bring" their "external borders under control", European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has disclosed.

Meanwhile as the European debate continues, thousands of migrants exposed to the elements of nature remain in the fields of Europe seeking desperate solace and comfort on the hope that Europe's humanitarian heart is authentic.

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