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Escalating Lunacy in Bangladesh - the Terror Killing of Innocents at a Restaurant

Twenty hostages have been confirmed killed in a hostage-taking and a 10-hour stand-off between extremists and Bangladeshi forces in a cafe in an upscale neighborhood - Gulshan, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Forces rescued 13 hostages and killed six of the attackers before the bloody event ended.

This violent radical event in Bangladesh that unfolded yesterday evening when bomb carrying and gun toting and firing militants stormed the Holey Artisan Bakery, in the Gulshan district, of the Bangladesh capital, followed a number of recent violent brazen street attacks upon Bloggers, Writers and Activists in and around Dhaka by extremists. Innocent people have been hacked to death on the streets of Bangladesh as the government there has denied the existence of a sect of the extremist group Islamic State(IS) at work in the country. 

Yesterday's terror at the popular cafe located in a diplomatic zone in the upscale neighborhood obviously targeted foreigners. Reports suggest that Americans, Italians and Japanese were among the foreigners killed. The IS has claimed responsibility for the terror.

Escalating violence and extremism pose credible threats to global security.They demand immediate and decisive action to deter and to prevent them.

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