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Erdogan's Dis' of a Group to Which his Turkey Seeks Membership

Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan has accused European nations of "dictatorship" and "cruelty" for keeping their borders closed to Syrian refugees. 

Erdogan's disrespectful comments, which, if had been lodged against him, would have resulted in his plea for the prosecution of somebody for the criticism, come after his government inked a deal last month with the European Union(EU), to return undocumented migrants to Turkey from Europe in exchange for the settlement in Europe of a similar number of Syrian refugees. Also as part of the deal Turkey would receive cash, gain visa-free travel within the EU and have discussions on Turkey's membership into the EU fast tracked.

However, in light of a recent rift between Erdogan and his prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who will step down later this month, Erdogan appears to be promoting an about-face from the migrant agreement with the EU. 

According to the Associated Press(AP), Erdogan, speaking at an event in Istanbul, on Sunday, accused European nations of "dictatorship" and "cruelty". He said they had "no mercy and no justice" in respect to the closing of borders to Syrian refugees. 

Erdogan's change of heart toward the EU appeared to fester last week when he declared that Turkey would not meet the EU's demand for his country to reform its anti-terrorism legislation, the AP reported.

Thus, Turkey could plunge farther into uncertainty as Erdogan continues his quest for a stronger presidency while cutting rifts with rights and speech groups and a new divide with the EU.

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