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Eradicating Terror from among the Free - by House and by Complex to District and to Nation

The terrorists who scarred Paris, France, last Friday, with the intent of bestowing fear and chaos upon the tranquility of the French, have succeeding only in strengthening the resolve of the French people and that of other free people to fight and to eradicate terror from the peace of civilized society.

Moreover, the cowardly terrorists with preferences for barbaric-ways-of-life, also succeeded in providing France with a blue print of how best to eradicate terror from among the free - from house to house, apartment to apartment, town to town, district to district and from nation to nation. Thus, from the resolve of the French people since last Friday, a clear map to the eradication of extremism among the free is emerging. 

Yet, remnants of the betrayers of gratitude and of citizenship still exist and these tainted infestations should serve as perpetual reminders of the dire necessity for 'in-house' cleansing from time to time in order to preserve the civilization of the free.

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