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Equality, Opportunity and the Rule of Law - Tenets Toward National Reconciliation

Wherever humans live and share a common land, from the indigenous peoples, to naturalized peoples, to immigrants, to refugees and to the naturally-born peoples of the world, the tenets of equality, of opportunity and of the rule of law, remain requisites to sustaining a peaceful national environment and to all hopes of national reconciliation in polarized, fractured  and failed societies.

All political attempts to restrict the natural rights of men and women and to deny paths to citizenship, liberty, opportunity and happiness, will continue to yield deeper societal divisions, conflicts and the exercises of the cult of violence.

Political turmoil and social strife are detrimental to nation building and development. On the other hand, promoted social cohesion on the premise that all people are equal with unrestricted opportunity to growth and development within a system of the rule of law, is synonymous to peace, stability and the well being of any community.

Therefore, those entrusted by the people to lead should come to the fore to promote social and national togetherness and to condemn past and prevailing policies and tendencies aimed at dividing nations of peoples. With the acceptance of quality, opportunity and rule of law, all communities would benefit and enjoy national reconciliation.

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