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Enters March - to March for Life and Renewal

The month of March is dear and eventful to me - not merely for being the birth month of two of my four-sons, and the month of my mother's death, but March epitomizes a season for literally marching-forth to the life and the renewal of Spring and onward toward all the things that are good and worthy of the human spirit.

So as this month enters like a lamb or like a lion, as will be the case weather wise in many jurisdictions this year, 2018, let us welcome March with the optimism to championing the human condition to life, liberty and happiness. 

I wish all of you a safe, liberating and prosperous month of March. And I would like to extend a special welcome into this world to a baby boy, who will be born just after 9:00 a.m. today to my friend Dante Mataac and his wife, Pethalyn. May God Bless this child and provide him with good health to grow up in service to humanity. 

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