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Enter the Age of Uncertainty

These are certain: there is no surety to stability, to security, to well being or to protection of the environment - aspects of human life, which could have been implied as sure prior to 2017. As a result, humanity has entered an age of gross uncertainty with frightful prospects.

To this end, as written earlier today by Charles Riley, of CNN Business, experts at consultancies Eurasia Group and Control Risks as well as the World Economic Forum, which is preparing to meet next week in Davos, Switzerland, are warning of increased turbulence this year from trade conflicts and political polarization that all make it harder to tackle global challenges.

The consultancies named American politics as the biggest threat facing the world in 2020 and that the coming presidential election will stress "the country's institutions, influence economic and foreign policy and further divide an already polarized electorate, with potentially huge consequences for the climate, business and investors," the CNN report read.

CNN cited Control Risks statement that "President Donald Trump's campaign for a second term will drive decision-making in foreign policy, increasing the chance that investors will be caught off guard by populist moves favoring US factory workers or farmers."

"The campaign will focus foreign policy on managing crises, distracting US attention from non-urgent issues and geographies. Trump's thirst for deliverable 'wins' before the election, meanwhile, will amplify foreign leverage in trade and security relations," Control Risks said in the report.

Eurasia Group reported: "The 2020 election is an American Brexit - a maximally polarized vote where the risk is less the outcome than the political uncertainty of what the people voted for." It added: "It's uncharted political territory, and this time in a country where uncertainty creates shock waves abroad."

The World Economic Forum survey of 750 global experts and decision makers ahead of next week's Davos meeting, according to CNN, found that experts named economic confrontations and national political polarization as the tops risks in 2020.

And so, what has been sure is no longer a surety as uncertainty in the embodiment of Donald Trump casts a shadow over our Planet Earth.

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