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Enough with the Attacks on the ACA

The President of the United States of America would never endorse the following because his heart, his character and his nature are too good, too kind and too compromising...But enough already with the ugly unbecoming attacks upon the Affordable Care Act. Great programs conceived to ease and to sustain the dynamic lives of many are never glitch-free at outset. Once in place, programs do not immediately yield the intended good effects, thus they are then adapted and amended overtime to ensure efficiency in delivering the intended good to humankind - the United States Constitution is a good example.This is a facet of life and systems.

But to hear the Tea Party and their cohorts tell the story, unsuspecting minds would wonder from the vicious attacks if the President wanted to cancel everybody's health insurance. And that is not the case.

The President has taken full responsibility for the glitches and experts are on the job trying to fix the start-up problems.

So open minded people should give close consider  to whether or not these continuous attacks upon the President are rooted in a hidden right-wing agenda against this President.

From the day President Obama, as the first Black American President took office, financially sound forces have fueled many time-wasting and issue-evading events to undermine the Presidency. Believing Progressives are so blinded not to recognize their agenda, these naysayers have kept up their media attacks upon the Executive Branch, closed the Federal Government and stalled the work of the American people in the House of Representatives.

But come 2014, the American people - onto the game of these naysayers, will get a chance to send these detractors back to the cracks of the dark ages when they vote from Congress all the hindrances to progress.

Then, finally some work can get done in Washington, DC.

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