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Enough Already: Repeated Terror Attacks upon Innocents now Demand Decisive Action

Terrorists struck down 27 innocent people on a beach in the Tunisian resort city of Sousse, earlier today, while in France, terrorists rammed a car into a chemicals company, beheaded an innocent and injured several. A Mosque, full of worshipers was attacked in Kuwait.

These three latest events perpetrated by terrorists, clearly underscore the need for more decisive and concerted efforts to return stability to regions, countries and places targeted and prone to terror attacks.

With regards to the attack in Tunisia, reports indicate that two gun men went onto the beach between two resort hotels and opened gunfire upon beach goers, mainly tourists, since most locals and Muslims were least likely to be on the beach during the observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Twenty-seven people, according to the BBC-News, were killed before Tunisian security forces killed one and mounted an attack for the other attacker. In March, terrorists killed 22 at a popular museum in the capital, Tunis. Tunisia has been on high alert since that attack, yet today's slaughter of more innocents -  mainly foreigners, indicate that security remains vulnerable to terror penetration.

In Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near Lyon, France, multiple believed terrorists crashed a car into a chemicals company, set off explosives, decapitated a man and injured several other people. One arrested suspect was reportedly investigated by French police back in 2006.

In Kuwait, a suicide-bomb attack upon a Mosque, also earlier today, has left some 16 worshipers dead and a number injured.

These recent attacks upon innocents - from worshipers, to vacationers to workers by terrorists, demonstrate the brazen and varied intent of terrorists to destabilize places. Hence, direct, decisive and immediate action against terrorism is warranted from sands of beaches, to the sands of deserts, to streets of free nations and to the sanctity of places of worship.

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