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Enough Already...Gaza's Violence Must End Now

The preservation and the safeguard of the lives of children and innocents trump the anxiety of a nation. That children and innocents should die in artillery-fire response to irrational men launching rockets onto a mightier foe,  is unacceptable. That children should die because arrogant men fail to secure their lives in pursuit of an elusive enemy, is also unacceptable. That craze men would launch rockets onto an enemy's land from a densely populated urban center inviting the martyrdom of children and innocents, is perhaps the most cowardly of acts and totally unacceptable. 

For the sake of the children and innocents of Gaza, Hamas must forthwith stop launching rockets into Israel. Israel must  forthwith end its incursion into Gaza. 

Hamas's anxiety-raising launches into Israel have killed one. In Gaza, 318 Palestinians have died in response attacks. Of the Palestinians killed, 71 were under age 18; 48 under age 13, according to the AP. With a population of 1.3 million and with more than 40 percent of that number under age 14, many more children will die should this Israeli-Palestinian conflict continue.

End the conflict now!

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