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Emmanuel Macron's Direction - Solidity and Resilience over Sharp Complications

French President Emmanuel Macron will become United States (US) President Donald Trump's first foreign state visitor tomorrow. 

The visit, which upon its face reinforces and affirms more than a-two-century-year-old deep, cooperative and allied kinship between the two Republics, denotes the solidity and resilience of Macron and the French people, yet it could spell sharp political complications for the French leader.

Like the "French Defense" in the game of chess, Macron's play with Trump has hope to solidity and resilience of his new adventurous and early overstretching tenure as French President. However, as the "French Defense" holds a weakness in a cramped pawn blocking the development of a crucial bishop, Macron's affair with Trump could lead to sharp complications.

Setting off to dine with the not too popular Trump as French rail and flight disruptions overlap in his country, could be a costly gambit for Macron. While the French Parliament has taken the first step in approving a railway reform bill, the root of France's present labor issue and the rolling strikes, still continue across the country, France 24 reported earlier today.

Moreover, according to France 24, combined with the rolling rail strikes, a walkout at flag carrier Air France over wages on Monday, are the sternest challenge yet faced by new youthful President Macron. Also a new immigration bill dealing with restrictions and eases for refugees which has generated much debate for and against the measure, remains very fluid in France.

Yet, Macron has acted to show up strong French-US relations instead of being pinned at home amid a continuing labor strike. Attitudes in France appear to be waning per support for the strikers, thus affirming Macron's decision to solidity and resilience over any foreseeable sharp complications.

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