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Elements of Perpetual Conflict

Any simultaneous rise in dictatorships set against strong nationalist sentiments in an era of major free market obstacles and dotted by the uprising of an unharnessed class of needy people, would surely usher in a time of perpetual conflict, violence and instability that would transcend all four corners of the globe.

The possibility of such a destabilizing event is not as remote now as once thought since each element of the occurrence has already happened at some point in the past. 

A rising nationalist  right in Europe spirited on by a migrant crisis, coupled with an authoritarian push in Turkey, an evolving dictatorship in Egypt, a move away from the rule of law in Poland and the misguidance of Brexit in the United Kingdom, are all playing a part in creating the perfect scenario leading to a possible perpetual conflict. 

Added to Russia's agitations, the extremism of the Islamic State and others, dictatorships in Africa, the strangle of the communists in Asia, the rise of the needy in Middle East, Africa, Asia and in the Americas, the possibility of perpetual conflict is always one event away reality. This would become even more likely should free-market obstacles threaten global financial security.

Humanity has the capacity to prevent perpetual conflict, yet humanity must find the will and the way to accomplish such in the namesake of the continuity of the human race.

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