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Egypt's Objection to Analyses of its Judicial and Political Actions Will not Alter Already Sown Inst

When a two year systematic crackdown -  charging, trying and sentencing opposition members, dissenters and members of the Muslim Brotherhood to jail and to death, was underscored with prison sentences to three journalists yesterday over free speech, today, Egyptian authorities are protesting international analyses of its actions and implications of its judicial and political decisions.

While many analysts agree that the sum of the actions taken by the Sisi government and the Egyptian judiciary over the past two years will inevitably promote instability within Egypt, as some dissenters become more radicalized, the Sisi foreign ministry took serious offense to remarks British Ambassador John Casson made following the press freedom jail sentencing of three Al-Jazeera journalists.

Ambassador Casson, according to the Associated Press(AP), reacting to the Egyptian sentences, rightfully said that such actions by the judiciary could "undermine confidence in the basis of Egypt's stability, both in Egypt and abroad."

Objecting to the ambassador's view, Egypt's foreign ministry summoned the British diplomat claiming his comments as an "unacceptable interference" in Egypt's judiciary.

But Egypt's claim must be rejected because its judiciary and government have acted concertedly to stifle dissent in Egypt and in doing so, both arms of authorities have sown other dissent within Egypt from Cairo to the Sinai. Moreover, recent violent attacks upon police and the armed forces in Egypt support the analysis of the further radicalization of some opponents to the Sisi administration.

Also, tour operators at Giza would confirm that business is not good. From Washington, DC, to London, to Paris and to Brussels, travel agents will readily confirm that package tours to Egypt have declined. 

Thus, international tourism to Egypt has fallen. Why? Because confidence in the stability of Egypt has been undermined by both political and judicial actions of the Sisi government. Egypt's objection to the reality of its stability will not alter what seeds of dissent the government has already sown.

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