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Egypt's Evolving Reciprocal Cycle of Power and Vengence

An Egyptian court earlier today sentenced that country's first freely elected leader, Mohammed Morsi, to twenty-years in jail over the killing of protesters. 

The ousted president's sentence, along with that of his 12 co-defendant Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Islamists, were connected to the December, 2012, deaths of ten anti-Morsi protesters. Morsi supporters allegedly attacked opposition demonstrators outside the Presidential Palace.

Mori's government was subsequently ousted from power in 2013 by now President Sisi's army. Protests by Mori supporters against the Sisi government at Rabaah al-Adawiya Mosque in August, 2013, saw hundreds of protesters killed by security forces.

Thus, Egypt appears to be heading into a still evolving reciprocal cycle of power and vengeance. Reported actions by the ousted Morsi government against non-Islamist institutions and norms, are now being enacted by the Sisi government as it has outlawed, jailed and sentence to death many Muslim Brotherhood members.

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