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Education Amid the Crises of Humanity

From earthquakes in Nepal, Japan and Ecuador; to conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, South Sudan and elsewhere; to deepening events of hunger in Ethiopia and elsewhere; along with growing concerns of instability in Uganda, Zimbabwe, the Congo, Venezuela, Peru, the South China Sea and elsewhere, humanity faces many crises.

Along with the obvious effects of conflicts, hunger and general instability, humanity must now address the daunting task of providing educational support for 476 million children, who live in 35 crisis-affected countries, according to the United States(US) Department of State, USAID and UNICEF. 

From Syria to Yemen to Liberia to Nepal and beyond, emergency educational support has to be provided each day for millions of children in spite of war and disasters. Education is "a core component of a humanitarian response", according to the Department State.

Yet, providing education to millions of children in conflict affected areas stands as a dangerous undertaking as the crises of humanity continue. 

Therefore, concerted efforts should continue to close the crises of humanity so as to sustain the education of millions of children, whose existence and education, represents the continuity and the further development of civility into 2020 and beyond.

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