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Each Nation for Itself - the Trump Way

In publicly rejecting globalism on the international stage, yesterday, at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), United States (US) President Donald Trump, in essence called for 'each man for himself' or for each nation to fend for itself and its own interest over all other things - a stark reversal of the role and theme of US foreign policy ever since the culmination of World War II.

So according to the Trump way, if the ship is sinking, then forget about rational coordination of rescue with others, it's each man for himself - chaos and selfishness with an emphasis on the "me" and not the "we". And whether or not the US President is aware of it, his rejection of globalism during his speech in New York City, New York, yesterday, could also be construed as the US surrendering a global leadership role it has played so well for decades.

Yet, as Trump rejected globalism, he ironically invoked that other nations should isolate Iran - a nation he criticized before the UN body. Trump, who was laughed at by world leaders after his allegation that his administration had done better than any other in history, is proceeding along an unprecedented path in leading the US Republic. Spats with traditional allies and a growing trade war with China will all impact and define the fate of the US over the next couple of years.

And in a meantime, according to Trump, it's each nation for itself.

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