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Disunion in Iraq: Kurds and Sunnis Walk-out of Parliament

The fractured state of Iraq was re-emphasized earlier today as legislators faced with crucial decisions to make in the face of a stark and a real insurgency that could push the divided land into civil war, failed to make any inclusive headway into the formation of a new government. Kurds and Sunnis walked out of the Shi'ite dominated parliament after just two hours of meetings on the first day of the legislature - a day declared a holiday with much hope riding on the consensus of the servants of the people. 

The failure of the legislature to form a consensus on the leadership positions of Prime Minister, President and Speaker, underscores the testy times ahead for Iraq. As the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(ISIL) declared a Caliphate earlier this week of its controlled ares in Iraq and in Syria, and renamed itself -  the Islamic State; Iraq's stability is now under serious threat. Baghdad's only temporary immunity from direct assault from the Islamic State comes from the presence of United States advisers at Baghdad's airport and a few other strategic posts. Also the call to arms by influential cleric, the Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, has seen a number of Shi'ite warriors heeding the call to defend Baghdad. Ayatollah Sistani had urged legislators last Friday to decide on leaders ahead of today's session. That call has obviously not materialized. Thus, the roads inside and leading to Baghdad will become very bumpy over the next week.

Unless Iraqi legislators could quickly put their inaugural session behind them - a session that saw only 255 deputies out of 328 in attendance, only to be twiddled down to 75 and falling short of a quorum after a break; then Iraq's desire for an inclusive government will continue to be illusive as violence increases.

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