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Dispelling Convention - Toward a New Dawn in Human Achievement

That history has been what it has been been  - filled with strife, violence, division, war, suffering and pain should be more than enough to wish for a new dawn, a new day, a new beginning and a new era with the rising of every sun. 

That history has been replete with events of great tragedy, therefore, should accord an easy credence to dispelling all presently held conventions and to providing  a willingness to readily work toward a new dawn in humanity's greater development.

The notion that there must be a struggle before a period of bounty should be dispelled. While the laws of nature appear to insist upon a die or live struggle, as applied to the preservation of favored species in the struggle for life with regards to the wild animal kingdom might be true as proposed by Charles Darwin, no science dictates that the human species must undergo such a do or die struggle.

Therefore, the notion and acceptance of precedence can be reasonably challenged at anytime as being logically unsound. The higher-intelligent human species is capable of electing a determination  to start a new with no relation whatsoever of of the events of history. 

Thus, starting anew could and would allow the human species to reboot without any handicap to the past and to attain the greatest achievements in the absence of hate, inequality, prejudice, xenophobia, race and religion. A new impartial start for humanity. So let us dream, let us hope and let us be of now and not of yesteryear. Here's to a new dawn in human achievement.

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