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Disgusting Remarks by the Executive Detracts from COVID-19 Fight in America

United States (US) President Donald Trump has, yet again, displayed a disgusting side of his character as he yesterday, took repulsive offense to being questioned about his actions and inactions on the continuing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic across America. 

His response to a Press question from an Asian-American CBS-News reporter was shameful and disgusting as he snarled a teeth-clinching response to the female journalist:"...ask China..." in reacting to his persistent blaming of others for the Novel Coronavirus, while American deaths from COVID-19 disease surpassed 80,000. His subsequent exchange with a CNN reporter, another woman, was rancid, rude and disgusting before he stormed away from the Press event, in the Rose Garden, at the White House. 

Yesterday was not the first time that Trump has brought disgust to the High Office of President in his response to Press queries about his actions and inactions on COVID-19. He has done it before by despicably berating journalists from CNN, NBC and the New York Times, among others, who dared to question his handling of the dangerous pandemic, which at time of writing has now infected 1.3 million people in America and has tragically killed more than 80,000.

Trump's increasing combative response to queries on COVID-19 is indicative of his frustration to fully manage the pesky pandemic in a Presidential Election year as he touts reopening the economy despite the clear and present danger still posed by the disease in America. Trump's actions appear to deliberately detract from the reality of COVID-19 and his missteps to comprehensively acknowledge the current and continue dangers posed to American public health.

COVID-19 is real and requires strategic health and scientific management in order to defeat the disease. Moreover, to assure the defeat of the pandemic, Trump should abandon his distractions and instead embrace an international cooperative effort to win the war against the pandemic.

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