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Disaster in Nepal - Lives and History Crumble Under the Forces of Nature

An earthquake measured at 7.8 struck Nepal earlier today killing at least  718 people, according to early reports, and crumbling centuries-old buildings in the south Asian nation of 27.8 million.

Early reports put the death toll at 688 in Nepal alone including 181 in the capital, Kathmandu; 20 across the border in Indian, six in Tibet, two in Bangladesh and two at the Chinese border. The number of deaths is expected to increase. The powerful 7.8 earthquake was also felt in India, Bangladesh, Tibet and China. Deadly avalanches on the Himalayas were also triggered by the earthquake.  

In Old Kathmandu, some buildings erected two centuries ago, were reduced to rubble, including the nine-story Dharahara Tower, built as a watch tower in the 1800s.

As international aid agencies assess and begin to coordinate relief to the effected survivors and regions, this Nepalese natural disaster, stands as a clear example of how fragile all systems and communities are to the unmatched forces of nature.

And as we mourn those lives lost in Nepal, the international community should stand poise to provide comfort  to survivors, to families, to loved ones and to all fellows in Nepal.

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