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Diplomacy V. Armed Intervention to the Peace of Syria

The failure of the International community to bring peace, comfort, ease and relief to the innocent children and civilians of Syria is indicative of a failed practice advancing diplomacy over armed intervention to end war.

Diplomatic efforts to end the Syrian war have witnessed 206,000 killed, including thousands of children so far, along with another one million wounded, some three million displaced, and the exportation of destabilization to numerous countries in the Middle East and in Europe.

Diplomatic efforts to end the war in the Levant have facilitated and bought additional time for Bashar al Assad to remain at the helm in Damascus. In the mean time, the direct humanitarian crises of Assad's conflict have wrecked havoc upon Syria as diplomatic talks move from place to place, seeking an almost impossible negotiated end to the war.

I opine that in any existing armed conflict as in the Syrian case, it is impossible to effect a peace without direct armed intervention. 

Assad and his elite clique in Damascus remain very much unscathed by war as diplomatic talks pendulum from city to city. Yet, the people, the masses, the children, the innocents - they continue to die, and to be displaced as more and more nations suffer the effects of Assad's acidic war.

Yesterday's United Nations(UN) Security Council(SC) confirmation of more proof that Assad's troops have used chemical weapons against his civilians, is but another example of a warring regime inflicting unconscionable harm upon innocent victims, as diplomacy prolongs their suffering.

To this end and in light of the fact that more than enough compelling evidence exist as to the crimes against humanity committed by the Syrian regime, the International community owes to the children of Syria, a future of peace. 

Diplomacy to achieve peace has failed as China and Russia have stood against resolutions to effect peace. Thus, more practical, armed and direct solutions are now even more aptly justified to bring closure to the Syrian war and to bring peace to the Levant.

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