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Diminishing Opportunity - Contracting American World Leadership

With the passing of each day, with every outrageous Tweet, with every ill-thought executive order, with each unfounded accusation of wire-tapping, with every diplomatic blunder, with all concerns of any Russian influence, with the withdrawal of funds for women's health worldwide and with a Republic-busting budget, the Donald Trump administration continues to contribute to the diminishing of the United States(US) as the globe's leader.

Humanity has an open opportunity for a sound global leader to guide all the changes needed to ensure continuity of the human species. Yet, the influence of the US appears to dwindle with the passing of every day via bizarre actions by the new White House and by the apparent inability of Trump to measure up to the learned men, who have occupied the Oval Office, over the years. 

Hence, America's remaining world influence seems to cling upon the mere merits of historical alliances and strategic partnerships, built and developed by previous Presidents, but which are now in danger of suffering possible non repairable harm.

It is possible that the longer the Trump era lasts, the longer it would take to rebuild the American Republic to its respected height of glory and influence. Any ill-conceived notion that a significant increase in defense spending would be sufficient to prop up the US world leadership role, is fallible on its face. With any mighty army, it demands calm, collective, rational and educated management in order to execute sound leadership. These qualities continue to elude the new White House.

However, it is not too late for Washington to adjust back to its leadership role, but it would take a deeper understanding of the wider world and a broader respect of the varying and multi-cultured people off the US coasts. And most of all, it would demand that a President behaves and acts as the chief executive of all the people, and not just for the people associated with any  family-owned business.

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