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Diminishing Hope, Unsound Security, Rising Resistance - the Trump Era

The hopes, both national and international that flourished under the United States(US) Presidency of Barack Obama, have all been doused by the Trump administration. 

From climate change actions to protect the environment for future generations, to cooperative security agreements to affect world peace and to the easing of the burden of health care cost to Americans, the Trump administration has now essentially ripped the gullet of hope and security from many people.

The new White House spiked another nail into the coffin of hope yesterday, as yet another executive order was signed, this time, to curtail paying health care subsidies to the states which had allowed the poor to afford health insurance.

Yet, most of Trump's rural supporters, who have been large benefactors of the Obama era health care subsidies, appear oblivion to the reality of what their future health care coverages will become. Yet, again, their support remains with Trump.

In the mean time, rising resistance to Trump's unprecedented exercise of the office of President of the United States, will continue. What other redress is left the people? Investigations continue into Russian influence into the last election that placed Trump in the White House as rumors circulate as to the fitness of Trump. Ultimately, the mid-term elections for the US Congress in 2018, do offer a measure of recourse to the Trump era in Washington, DC. 

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