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Diminishing Global Respect and Declining Status - the Onset of the Trump Era

Not too long ago, the United States(US) - the former beacon of hope, opportunity, solace and comfort to the world's persecuted, immigrants and to those displaced, was busy spearheading global efforts to eradicate hunger, leading efforts to combat an impending worldwide environmental calamity and among other things, it was also championing strides to ensure and to guarantee social, civil, religious and gender equality and justice. Not anymore.

In lieu of its global lead and stewardship for liberty, justice, democracy and the rule of law, it appears that the new Donald Trump era in the White House, has brought sovereignty and identity issues to the Republic based upon an isolationist and a militaristic agenda.

Two versions of a travel ban, a proposed freeze on the resettlement of refugees in the US, a proposed partition via a wall of neighbor Mexico, irrational rages of rhetoric to dissent actions and unanswered questions regarding any Russian connection and influence over the new White House and/or on the 2016 Presidential Election, have cost the America Republic many friends, diminished global respect and the accompanied decline in American status on the world stage.

Diminished global respect of the US was highlighted on Tuesday, when China's leadership suggested and seemingly dictated an end to yearly South Korean-American military exercises, as a means to getting crazed North Korea to refrain from a nuclear program. A strong retort of China's dictation has yet to come from Trump's White House.

If the US global influence has soured so badly that China could now dictate the Republic's foreign policy, then, there can be no confidence in the new White House to protect and to preserve the American Republic as it has stood for generations of liberty dwellers.

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