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Dictatorial Ploys within some Democracies - an Emerging Trend

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in attaining a suspension of Parliament to fulfill his Brexit determination with minimal consideration from the representatives of the people, has affirmed a widening ploy employed by some democracies to invoke dictatorial powers within assumed free political systems.

In the United States (US), Executive Orders and rule changes have been widely used by President Donald Trump to further his political agenda void of any input from and by the people and their representatives. 

While these antics may fall within the constitutional and legal scope of political leaders, overuse of such privileges threaten to normalize extraordinary powers that have historically been reserved for matters of imminent and graved national security concerns.

Moreover, overuse of such sweeping powers weakens democracies, promotes dictatorship and strips the decision making ability away from the people and their duly elected representatives; thus extending power to a lone leader, who might be prone to irrational acts. 

Furthermore, extraordinary power taken from the people and given to sole-practitioners weakens the essence of a system of freedom and of rule by the people and of the people. 

Therefore, to preserve beloved western democracy and to prevent its further decline, all power and decision making acts must rest and remain with all the people.

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