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Deserving of Tribute - Dr. Li Wenliang - a Hero of Wuhan, Has Died from Coronavirus

Good is a fast-fading attribute per human actions. Therefore, whenever it is exhibited as to someone's deeds and traits, tribute and recognition should be paid.

With that said and amid the current Novel Coronavirus epidemic plaguing China, Ophthalmologist Li Wenliang, 34, is worthy of the "good" classification and very deserving of attribute.

Sadly, Dr. Li will not be available to personally accept his deserving accolades. He died today at Wuhan Central Hospital, where he was a doctor, then patient and victim of the Novel Coronavirus - an illness, which alarmed him and prompted his warning to colleagues, which brought him ridicule from the Wuhan police. Yet, he did not run away. He continued to work to treat patients in the midst of the virus outbreak. Reports indicate that his parents are also patients of the coronavirus.

Dr. Li's actions about the then impending virus back on December 30, 2019, aided China in coming to grips with the gravity of the Novel Coronavirus prompting the eventual lockdown of some 60 million people in an attempt to contain the virus. Recent figures number 28,403 cases of the illness worldwide, 567 deaths and 1,341 recoveries. 

Wuhan police and local government owe Dr. Li an apology for his heroics they tried to criminalize. The People's Republic of China (PRC) owe a deserving and heroic tribute to the fallen doctor. Humanity thanks Dr. Li for his service. May he travel well. Deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. 

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