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Denouncing Hate - Mother Nature, Strong Opposition and Minimal Support End a White Supremacist Event

One-year-ago, their blatant, hateful, violent and racist agitations caused death on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia. Given the opportunity yesterday by the United States (US) Park Service, via a permit, to repeat their hateful event, this time, on the streets of Washington, DC, white supremacists were quickly chased out of town by Mother Nature, minimal support and strong opposition.

Mother Nature - acting through the elements of heavy rain, lightning and thunder, and joined by throngs of counter-hate demonstrators, yesterday, proved to be too much to facilitate a rally by a handful of 24 white supremacists, at Lafayette Park, just outside the White House. 

While counter protesters, who outnumbered the white supremacists by more than 25-1,  jeered and booed the racists upon their arrival at a DC Metro Station, a police escort separating the supremacists from the opposition, was not enough to guarantee that any message of hate would circulate on the streets of the nation's Capital. 

The 24 white supremacists were met with heavy rains, rolling thunder and sharp zaps of lightning at Lafayette Park close to their 5:00 p.m. event start. By 5:05 p.m., the handful of hate inciters had abandoned their intent and were escorted back to a metro station and out of the District of Columbia.

In the end, nature and unity proponents had defeated racists rhetoric in a non-violent environment. Hate was denounced in a non-violent setting, thus reaffirming the ideal of the US as a nation, indivisible.

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