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Denial of Freedoms, Abuse of Power - a Mockery of Democracy

The attack launched yesterday, outside the White House, by mounted United States (US) Park Police, upon peaceful protesters, was a flagrant denial of freedoms of the American people, an abuse of power by the White House and law enforcement and a stinging mockery of democracy.

That peaceful protests cold have been denied in such a violent manner utilizing horses, stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas, and even before the start of the District of Columbia's 7:00 p.m. curfew, is testament of the regrettable actions a failed President Donald Trump would employ in order to salvage his waning support among conservative Evangelicals. 

Park police willfully attacked peaceful protesters who were demonstrating against racism in America, in front of the White House. The blatant suppression of civil rights was conducted to clear demonstrators so that Trump could stage a photo opt in front of a church with a raised Bible, an act most people could see through as the president exhibiting his showman desperation to appeal to his dwindling base amid the COVID-19 pandemic and rousing social discontent across the US.

Trump's showman charades continue to amount to denial of freedoms, abuse of power and a mockery of democracy in America. 

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