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Deliberate Attacks upon Humanitarian Services in Conflict Zones are War Crimes

Yesterday's attack upon an aid convoy around Aleppo, Syria, which left 12 people dead, must be construed as a war crime. Moreover, if the Syrian regime willfully "bombarded" the humanitarian convoy as it was pulled up to a warehouse to deliver aid, then the action was deliberate, intentional and revengeful by Bashar al Assad's forces. 

Therefore, the actions by the Assad regime in Syria affirms that no peace process could be sustained as long as Assad sits in Damascus. Assad must be held accountable for crimes against humanity for the killing and gassing of innocent children and civilians during his execution of the Syrian war. Also the Syrian regime must be held accountable for the deaths of 12 drivers and Red Crescent workers killed in yesterday's attack upon a humanitarian aid convoy in Uram al-Kubra, Syria, just west of Aleppo.

That the Syrian regime declared the United States(US)-Russia ceasefire as failed prior to the attack upon the aid convoy, clearly confirms the complacency of the regime in attacking humanitarian efforts. Also, that the convoy was blatantly attacked suggests revenge for a mistake air strike upon Assad's forces last weekend.

Now, Syria's peace is again threatened by the same regime and leader who have executed the Syrian conflict at an unprecedented onslaught upon humanity. Thus, peace cannot come to Syria during the presence of Bashar al Assad.

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