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Deeper Integration of the Americas - a Regional Buffer to the Effects of the Divorce from the U.S.

The Americas - Latin America and the Caribbean, is now highly prone to the influence of any one of many variables ever since United States (US) President Donald Trump initiated a divorce from the region, which has been reinforced by the lifting of aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras and by Trump's continuous insistence to wall-off the US from Latin America. 

The influences include positives from cash-flushed China investing more heavily in the region to the full range of negatives associated with the return to dictatorships, civil wars and the abuses of human rights.

Amid waning US influence and aid in the region, and against a backdrop of economic concerns in Latin America and the Caribbean, the region could embrace deeper integration as a buffer to all external and internal woes and as a concrete mode of unity to bind tighter together as a group as a means to safeguarding and developing, the well being of all of the region's peoples. 

Within the regional institutions of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), there is enough scope to shelter the Americas from any divorce with the US. 

However, the non admitted and unused scope held by the people of the Americas will not be fully realized until all the people, collectively, do recognize and do utilize such scope toward their full advantage. Therefore, the survival and the further development of the people of the Americas, south of the US border, are held in the deeper integration of the region in spite of any divorce from the US.

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