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Deep Community Engagement - a Requisite to Nation Stability

Floundering, fractured and failed governments exist because they have all neglected to carryout the necessary responsibility of engaging their communities into their governance.

And more governments will continue to struggle and become fractured for failing to perform the basic task of encouraging, promoting and implementing policies toward the full participation of the people into their governance.

The notion that the people in electing their governments give up full control of all management of their lives to a hand full of representative politicians, is a fallacy - an old flaw inherited from the bygone eras of absolute monarchs, when all faith and allegiance to the Crown, was demanded and readily given for lack of alternatives. 

However, in these dynamic days of the twenty-first century, all things have changed. People demand respect, equality and opportunity. Politicians who flirt with the fears of the people to get elected, often run into quick trouble as a result of executing their own agendas ahead of those of the people. Politicians, all too often, have become the enactors of special interests instead of servants of all the people. When consultations with the people fail, then politicians and governments fail, unfortunately after wrecking major havoc that makes repairs difficult, costly and lengthy.

But in order to sustain effective government, elected officials and leaders must continue to engage all their communities into their governance. Constituent offices of elected politicians must function. Town hall meetings must be held prior to major governmental action in order to attain updates from the people. The elderly, the youth and all demographics of society must be given an open ear. 

When deep community engagement occurs, stable, peaceful and wealthy nations blossom.



Congratulations to Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German people on the reaching of an agreement to form a new government.

Hong Kong

Congratulations to Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow, of the 2014 Umbrella Movement, in Hong Kong for having prison sentences against them thrown out.


Thoughts and prayers for the people of Taiwan and the victims of yesterday's 6.4 magnitude earthquake. 

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