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Deep and Numerous - the Roots of Discontent

The Great Haitian Revolutionary Toussaint L'Ouverture said: "...cut down the tree trunk of the Black will spring back from the roots, for they are numerous and deep."

Not referencing the looting, anti-racist demonstrations being witnessed in increasing numbers across the United States (US) in the past six days, are indicative of the deep rooted anger Black America has toward inequality, disenfranchisement and marginalization that it continues to face for far too long with the added jeopardy of death at the hands of racist law enforcement.

Not referencing the looters, protesters are also reacting to a greater division they have seen engulfed their beloved Republic ever since Donald Trump took the White House. Trump's divide, I submit, has inflamed the anger and social awareness of many Americans deemed highly likely to fall victims of police actions, the same that took the life of George Floyd, last Monday, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The killing of George Floyd and subsequent demonstrations over his death, and that of too many unarmed Black people over the years, are demonstrative of social discontent with no hopes of amelioration under a Trump administration. Other Washington administrations, over the years, were able to offer conciliar remedies to civil unrests. 

But Trump's tenure of division, his confessed "nationalist" reality and COVID-19 exposures of stark health and other inequalities among Black Americans, are fueling current multi-state protests..

Not referencing the looting, the activation of National Guard troops in 26 states and the District of Columbia, the deployment of federal riot teams to the District of Columbia and to Miami, Florida, will not uproot the numerous and deep roots of social discontent in Trump's America.

Social discontent will only abate when all creeds and colors are accorded equal protections under the US Constitution,

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