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Declaration of War on Terrorism

Yesterday's terrorists events in Paris, France, must now force a full declaration of war upon terrorism -  war upon the Islamic State(IS) extremists, not the war of the previous months, but a war to ensure the continuance of humanity and of civilization that would ultimately involve 'boots-on-the-ground' in the sands of the places the extremists dwell.

No longer will limited air strikes upon terrorists be sufficient toward the protection of humanity from the ungodly violence brought to wrought by this gang of selfish brutes. Where these extremists dwell must be made a waste land as they wish upon prosperous societies.

Moreover, those persons granted sanctuary and residence, who have turned upon their free societies that have housed, clothed and fed them, must be identified, punished and expelled along with their cohorts and co-conspirators.

That in 2015 extremists would seek to up-end one of the most liberal, progressive and humane of all societies - France, is prosperous. The French have readily given solace to thousands of migrants over the years, and for the French to be repaid with such savagery, to suffer 127 dead and more than 200 injured in six terrorist events on Friday, November 13, must bring a declaration of war against all violent extremism.

As France begins three-days of mourning in respect of those killed, we should all mourn with Paris. After mourning, the free peoples of the World should gird and arm to annihilate terrorism in protection of humanity and civilization. 

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