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Declaration of a National Emergency in the U.S. - Trump's Immigration Policy

Admitting "...I didn't need to do this", United States (US) President Donald Trump nonetheless today, moved to declare a national emergency to attain funding for a wall along the southern border with Mexico to repel what he described as drugs, people and gangs from entering the US.

While legal challenges to the declaration are expected, Trump's action would make available billions of dollars from the military construction budget and elsewhere for the president to do as he deems fit per his wall, if allowed by law. 

Trump's declaration is unprecedented as a national emergency giving his admission: "...I didn't need to do this." If the affair at the US border with Mexico was indeed an emergency, then it would become inevitable to deal with it forthwith. But the Trump's admission negates any real emergency. The declaration affirms Trump's immigration policy.

The president's action appears paramount to fulfilling a campaign promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico. But the reality remains that Trump is poised to build a wall on the border while America's infrastructure continue to crumble. 

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